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Published on 8 February, 2019 by BookingSandGO

YOU KNOW THAT … the cafecito of Cuba, very intense and tasty. Produced mainly in the Sierra Maestra area, this particular coffee actually looks very much like Italian espresso. It is prepared with mocha and a mixture of coffee powder and raw cane sugar, which is mixed with coffee before placing it in the filter.

So an already sweetened coffee with an intense taste. If you order a colada instead, you will be brought a jug of Cuban coffee and lots of glasses (you use it when you are in a group). The coffee plant was imported to the island of Cuba in the mid-1700s by a group of French farmers fleeing Haiti. With the 1962 US embargo, production suffered a drastic drop in production. When you will be in Cuba, you will meet numerous bars, take advantage to taste something unique and different from the usual.

coltivazione caffe
pianta caffe

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