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Published on 10 February, 2019 by BookingSandGO
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YOU KNOW THAT …. do you have the Traveler’s illness too? Its scientific name and Wanderlust, means strong desire to travel, according to the British dictionary. The impulse to travel would be a real syndrome, dictated by our genes present in the DNA of each of us. Still according to some studies (the first was done in 1999), it finds in 20% of the population such anxiety to travel.

This “pathology” can easily be recognized, in each of us, if you have some of these symptoms, therefore, you are affected: dream of places you have never been to, become intolerant if you do not go on holiday for long time, again, the melancholy of the return from a trip, check the prices of flights assiduously, think about the next trip when you’re still on vacation, you just need to enter an airport to be happy.

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Wanderlust’s syndrome brings up the heartbeat before leaving and that irresistible desire to smile.So, in order not to suffer from this disease, check out our destinations, sports and activities that you can do on your next trip, so as to heal, at least until the next symptom..

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