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14 December, 2017 by BookingSandGO

BookingSandGO is an online booking portal where you can enter property like: home, hotel, Bed and Breakfast and much more. Also then propose sports activities, such as: Diving Centers, Snorkelling Sport Activities, kitesurfing, quad adventur, kayak and much more.

With BookingSandGO you can manage your activities through a private area where you have control of availability, prices, discounts, description of the rules of your activities, etc.


Why use BookingSandGO?

✅  You can enter sports activities and accommodation

✅  Create holiday packages (Accommodation + Excursions)

✅  Discounts for groups or people

✅  The lowest cost of reservation service on the market.



✅  Manage your sales in total freedom, you can check the closure or opening of your structure.

✅  Manage your availability, enter prices for day, weeks, weekends, seasonal, all under your control.

✅  You have a Calendar where you have all reservations your availability under control on one page.

✅  You have control of the price entered, BookingSandGO does not charge any price extras. The platform shows the price you entered.

✅  Do you use other booking platforms? BookingSandGO uses a calendar where you can share availability.

✅  BookingsandGO promotes all the facilities you have entered on search engines through an automatic SEO system.

✅  Our customers are at the center of our attention. If you have questions about the features or the installation process, assistance with guests, please contact us. We will be happy to help you.

What are the elements of a good announcement?

Titles and captivating descriptions
Do not be modest: let everyone know what makes your property so special. Take a look at our tips on how to write headlines and descriptions.

Inviting photos
Often a picture is worth a thousand words, and it is precisely what travelers look at first. Complete your ad by inserting at least six photographs; discover how to take them to the fullest.

Precise position
Use the pin on the map to show the exact location of your property and help travelers looking for a holiday home in a specific area or sport activity.

Competitive rates
Keep in mind the competition: set your prices in relation to the holiday homes or sport activity of the same type that are in your area and adapt the rates depending on the season, holiday periods or specific events.

Why register with us

BookingSandGO Booking.com Airbnb
Service cost (comission) for property or activities Owners 12% 15% 19%
Allow Properties and Activities at the same time
You can offer sports excursions, courses, adventure excursions with discounts for more people
You can insert videos where you show your sports activity, excursion or accommodations.
Phone support 24 hours for accommodation and daily support of the local team
No management fees for customers who make a reservation
Free marketing. We announce your hosting on Google and Facebook

Exemption from liability: this comparison is the result of a study on the competition carried out by BookingSandGO in July 2018.


Prices and commissions.

BookingSandGO shows the prices you enter, in the private area when you enter the price, on the side, the platform shows you the price, minus the cost of service, equal to 12%. They are not included in the cost of the service: security deposit, cleaning fee and tourist tax.

The prices shown at the bookings are clear and unequivocal.

The BookingSandGO policy, to guarantee a good service both to the guest who books and to the manager of the structure, the guests pay first when booking. The host will receive the amount automatically 24 hours after check-in.

In your private area you can choose how to receive the amount, between the PayPal system, direct deposit or international bank transfer.