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How to add your business

14 December, 2017 by BookingSandGO

With BookingSandGO you can add your business * to our portal. You can register and use our FREE online booking system by registering by following a few simple steps. Manage your properties in complete autonomy, you can set calendars with other platforms through I-CAL (it automatically synchronizes every 10 minutes). You can log in to your account and manage your business * from the your Dashboard. BookinSandGO will cover a service charge when a guest makes a reservation.

See Terms and Conditions.

* Hotel – Bed and Breakfast – Apartments – Diving – Golf – Kitesurf – Buceo – Snorkeling – Cenote – Kayak – Quad Adventure – and many more


  1. Registering your profile-business

It is important to complete the profile before adding your business *.

In our Home Page you will find, in the upper right corner, a button called “+ Signup “. Once clicked, you will see a window to enter your name, surname, username and your e-mail, phone click on “I want to offer my properties / activities” and accept terms and conditions. In automatic you will receive an e-mail with the data to access your private area, dashboard. Here you enter all your data, logo, description of your business and Paypal email to receive payments. You can then enter all the data and start adding activities / sports services or properties, review the bookings through the general calendar that can be configured with others via I-CAL, contact customers and much more.


Consult Terms and Conditions for hosts.


  1. How to add your business

After logging into your private DashBoard area, you will encounter many tools to manage your business. In the event that you do not find your business, your city or other, among the options listed, you can contact us and you can report to us and we insert it has soon as possible

After entering the necessary information for your profile, you can start entering your facilities or activities sporting / services. In my property or activity insert: description with title, price, images, details, map, services and calendar. Once finished, will be examined by the BookingSandGO staff. Once approved, you will find approval in your Dashboard area. If an adjustment is required, we will send you an e-mail notification with all the details for the change. BookingSandGO will remain available through its contact channels. Remember: the price indicated to the public includes the costs of the service (in the Dashboard area you will find all the details (Important! Read here)). The customer will not have to pay anything extra, except for special requests not included in the reservation made through BookingSandGO.
BookingSandGO will issue an invoice to the customer who books, only with the costs of the service.

Video:  insert your videos to present to your guests your structure or sports activity or excursion / tour. It is not allowed to show phones or contact information in the video

For Activity:  In the section “add activity”, such as excursions or services, you have the possibility to offer a discount if reserve more people.

Create vacation packages: offer your customers a package with accommodation and excursion sports or cultural in the activity area, where you can create discounts for more people booking.


Service Coust

Registration and management of facilities or activities on BookingSandGO is completely free. But there is a service charge every time a reservation is made.

The cost of the BookingSandGO service is 12%.

These costs help us to manage the platform and offer services such as assistance for your trip, guarantee secure travel BookingSandGO, advertise your facilities, and much more.

Not included in the cost of the service, within the invoice: security deposit, cleaning fee or tourist tax.

Guests book and pay at the time of booking using the secure payment system (Paypal) provided by BookingSandGO. Automatically 24 hours after check-in, you will be credited your quota. (see invoices when booking in your private area) There are no bank charges.



Billing System

BookingSandGO issues an invoice to the guest who books a facility or service on their booking portal. Only service costs will be shown on the invoice. The guest must request an invoice, for the remaining amount, to the structure at the time of check-in or via the means of communication provided upon receipt of the reservation.

The following costs are not included in the cost of the service invoiced: security deposit, cleaning fee and tourist tax. These costs are managed direct by the structure.
The invoice is issued with the data that the customer has entered at the time of registration before the purchase. Invoices issued can not be changed.



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