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How to rent My Accommodation

14 September, 2018 by BookingSandGO
Alquileres vacacionales, casas, experiencias y lugares

Why use BookingSandGO for my accommodation ?

because our platform is easy to use, providing you with simple tools where you can propose your facilities without getting lost in the complex reservation systems. You can manage discounts and much more at your leisure as if you had a travel agency.  You can also use the platform with both options (My property and My activity). With My activity you can offer your customers, holiday packages or offer packages, (Example: Hotel plus excursions) also offering discounts for more people who want to book your package. Also manage all your activities in one place, and in total autonomy, and with a single registration. Keep an eye on all the bookings in a single calendar, Bookingsandgo uses the I-call tool to synchronize your bookings with other calendars. (I-Call can be found on many booking platforms, and can also be configured with platforms using the Channel Manager – Attention, our I-CAL synchronizes every 10 minutes, to avoid overbooking). Synchronize your calendar with your smartphone to stay updated wherever you are).

You can manage your properties or sports activities by accessing wherever you are with your mobile devices using a web browser ( Safari – Google Crome – firefox ).

Remember!! when you insert the Property, the platform brings it to the fore with Google Adword and SEO automatically.

My Property:

If you have the above, you can log in after your registration, is free, click on my property, then to add a room or home, click add property. Use this function for all the properties you want to insert. Once clicked, it will open a panel where you have to go through 7 steps to enter your property, and be approved. Below you will find instructions for the 7 steps:

Alquileres vacacionales, casas, experiencias y lugares

1- Description:

Title .. Enter the name of your room or home, or if you have a structure with several rooms, enter name by room referring to the same property.

Category .. choose the appropriate category for what you are offering (Can’t find your Category? Select ‘Other’ and send us an e-mail (administrator@bookingsandgo.com) communicating your account and the Category to insert, we will add it)

Number of Guests … Here enter the number of people who can occupy the room or  apartment.

City .. Enter your city (Can’t find your City? Select ‘Other’ and send us an e-mail (administrator@bookingsandgo.com) communicating your account and the City to insert, we will add it)

Country .. Enter your country.

Accommodation description .. enter a description of your room or home, try to enter a detailed description, trying to involve the guest that your room very comfortable because .. … Report the services that are around your facility.

Instant booking

By activating this option you allow your guests to make an immediate reservation without waiting for your approval, in this reservation system you have the possibility of great sales and visibility.

Reservation with approval

If you use this option, your guests to make a reservation must wait for your approval (always keep the calendar highly recommended).

2- Price:

Price …  Enter the price of the Accommodation, keeping a competitive price with all the portals you are using, next to the price entered, the portal shows you the price minus the cost of the service. (see service costs)

Discounted price for bookings of 7 days or 30 days: Enter the price per night if your property is rented for more than 1 week (7 nights) or more than 1 month (30 nights)

Price for weekends (Sunday and Saturday): Enter the price if your room is booked for the Cleaning costs: enter the cleaning costs for your room or house, NOTE these costs are not calculated in the service costs.

Taxes of stay: Here you can enter the tourist taxes, NOTE These taxes are not calculated in the service costs.

Minimum booking days: enter how many days minimum you want to rent your room or home.

Security deposit: Your policy to receive a reservation requires a security deposit that will be refunded if no complaint is received by the owner, you can enter it in this section. NOTE these costs are not calculated in the service costs.

Early booking discount .. you can offer a discount for bookings made days that you before arrival.

Extra guests: Allow guests above capacity, enter the price per extra night.

Price adjustments .. last you can set your seasonal prices using the calendar at the bottom of the screen, click to select multiple days and change the price for a certain period.

3- Pictures and videos:

Photo and video, today an image ( recommended minimum size 1280 X 515 pixel ) or a video is worth a thousand words and is just what travelers see and dream for their vacation, use the right size to present a beautiful image, and if you have a good video that presents the your structure or excursion enter the ID of the video, take the code as shows the photo: link You Tube. You can use Vimeo or YouTube.

Even if you insert the videos you must always insert a nice picture for your Property.

Warning: photos and videos must not contain direct contacts, otherwise they will be deleted.

Best Online Booking System for Tours & Activities

4- Details:

Housing characteristics: enter the information of your room or home with the square meters how many bathrooms, beds etc.

Check in. – Check out: in this section you can enter the arrival time in your home, and the exit time to leave the house.

Cancellation policy: choose from the cancellation options that best suit your business.

Extra Description: Use this part to enter descriptions that you do not want to be included in the main description or specify some logics on deletion or warnings.

5- Maps:

Enter the location of your property to indicate the guest where is it to sojourn, or the guest is looking for a sojourn in a specific place.

I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

6- Services and features:

Here you can Select the services and features that apply to your business. (Can’t find your services? Select ‘Other’ and send us an e-mail (administration@bookingsandgo.com) communicating your account and the services to insert, we will add it )

7- Calendar:

In this section you have a calendar where you can enter or block booking dates for the property entered. You can also use the I-call tool to synchronize your bookings with other calendars, (I-Call can be found on many booking platforms, configurable even if you use the Channel Manager, and you can synchronize your smartphone’s calendar to stay updated wherever you are). I-cal BookingSandGO synchronizes with the other calendars every 10 minutes, this for not having Overbooking. Also you also have a button to manually sync it. This automatic and manual function can also be found in the general calendar in your private area.

Alquileres vacacionales, casas, experiencias y lugares

After performing the 7 steps, (remember you have to save with the SAVE button every step) you will find yourself in the my property section, now you will find your property with the wording – to be approved. At this point it will arrive via email notification to BookingSandGO, where it tells us that you have entered an property, we review it and if it presents all the correct features we will approve your business, once approved the band with the wording to be approved, will change with approved, and your business will be visible

Do you need help? Contact us via the contact form, or use the chats / whatsappweb

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