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Published on 8 February, 2019 by BookingSandGO
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YOU KNOW THAT … hidden good things are born in the least probable places. One of these is in the Stoke Island, Florida detention center. 24 years ago the employees saved the ducks, brought inside the structure, they first built a pond. Over time, they were welcomed abandoned animals, or in need of care, and not only. Today the facility has 600 inmates, 150 animals including alligators, donkeys, turtles, ducks, sloths, llamas, cows, pigs and many others.

The director of the prison, with a degree in marine biology, takes care of them, choosing among the prisoners who have not committed crimes against children and animals, who will take care of the guests. The “sanctuary”  be visited by schools, where it is taught to respect the animals but also not to buy exotic animals, not to deprive them of their environment. The benefit that the prisoners have and on a psychological level, taking care of someone who needs attention is also positive for rehabilitation to the outside world.

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