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Published on 2 February, 2019 by BookingSandGO
Foto Bahrain 1

YOU KNOW THAT …. Bahrain is about to launch the biggest underwater attraction in the world! In the Persian Gulf, the small but rich state of Bahrain, located on an archipelago of 33 islands, hopes to attract divers from all over the world with the Underwater Theme Park.

It will be 100,000 square meters with unusual features …. A Boeing 747 sunk (70-meter long plane) specially prepared and laid on the bottom. The organizers talk about eco-compatibility, the project in fact participates in the supreme environmental council in addition to the tourism and private sectors. If it were not enough a plane, the replica of the house of the pearl merchant of Bahrain as well as artificial coral reefs and art sculptures. The site is intended to be ready for explorers by summer 2019, so plans are already in full swing.

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